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  • I am not a scholar nor a son of a scholar.  Included under this heading are different forms of communicating the wonders of God’s Word to us, prayerfully hoping that they all fall into the category of being in the Spirit of Truth, even if not every point or detail is accurate at all times.  The Holy Spirit leads us into all the truth, and, as it is written, “If any man think that he knows any thing, he knows nothing yet as he ought to know”. (1Corinthians 8:2)  If any of these brief studies or trains of thought help to affirm anyone in the faith, or equips any one to stand against the spirit of error and of antichrist, or helps any one to find the Scriptures interesting, or causes any one to search the Scriptures to see if what I have written be so, I will be thankful to our Lord, who has given the inspiration.

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