Shalom with God to all of you,

With the evil of the terrorist bombings at the Boston Marathon shocking the civilized world once again at the brutal character of those who worship a god of vengeance and death, in Israel the celebration of the 65th year of statehood has just concluded, a testimony to the faithfulness of the living God  of the living who gave His Son to be brutalized to death, in the greatest expression of love this world has ever known, offering forgiveness to all who will believe the love of the truth. The Lord Yeshua sympathizes as our High Priest with all who suffer unrighteously the brutality of murderous hatred, for He Himself has suffered the same in His body and soul and spirit.  Praise to God forever that this same Jesus lives forevermore by His resurrection from the dead in power over death, the last enemy!

As I write this, I have heard a report of three rockets shot at the southern city of Eilat.  No injuries are reported, but terror does not need actual victims; it only needs to take away peace from the ordinary lives of ordinary people going about their ordinary lives.  In the harsh reality of a world against the truth of the true God and Savior, it seems as if this will only increase before all is done. (Rev 6:3-4)  And it is the Lord Yeshua/Jesus Himself who will loose the restraint.  Our hope is in Him, who knows how to keep our souls secure through faith as we look for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ, no matter what may come between now and the Finish Line.