No day passes here in Israel without news about whether or not there will be an Israeli attack on Iran’s developing nuclear bomb facilities.  The United States continues its own diplomatic and political ‘wordfare’ on whether Israel could even succeed, and what the consequences of an Israeli initiative could bring to the world, and whether the U.S. would help Israel in the event of an outbreak of war. 

While Iran is given freedom to voice its intentions to wipe Israel off the map; while Syria continues to massacre its own people; while Egypt continues to advance a strict Islamic agenda and to opportunistically encroach in re-establishing control over the Sinai peninsula, threatening the terms of the Camp David peace agreement with Israel; while Israel is acting and reacting for what it  believes is basic survival, stessed out internally on whether to go it alone, or not to out of fear of failure, or whether her prime benefactor will back her up, could the God of Israel be sovereignly overseeing all things to bring His own chosen people and the nations to fear Him and give Him glory?  What if Israel does not strike first, but retaliates to an attack by one or more of its adversaries?  There is Hizballah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, plus the others already mentioned.

There are prophecies going out that the war as described in Zechariah 12 will break out in December.  Although the winter is not the usual time to begin a war, it is possible that a war could break out then, but not the one described by Zechariah:  that war leads to the Day of Atonements and salvation of ‘all Israel’, when they see Yeshua/Jesus whom they pierced, and He gives them the spirit of grace and supplication to weep and mourn over their historical rejection and hatred of the One who is their very King and Savior.  

Too much attention is being given by even evangelical Christians to the Mayan calendar, which has the end of the world coming at the beginning of this winter.  Believers in the truth of God, and who know His calendar, should have good news to tell those who do not know what is happening, whose religions leave them stranded.  If we ourselves are deceived, how can we point others to The Way?

A war as desribed in Psalm 83, where all the Muslim nations surrounding Israel come together to try to finish  her off, may be coming soon.  The fall  of Damascus, as described in Isaiah 17, may also be looming in the not-so-distant future.  It is interesting to note that in both of these events the people will fear YHVH, the Holy One of Israel, God Most High.  He will act in such a way that the god of the Muslims will be shown as unable to satisfy the deepest longings of those who are under his dominion.  These people are captive slaves, and Jesus has come to set them free!  The Jewish people will fear the LORD, when they once again see Him powerfully act on their behalf to save them from annihilation, beyond what they or anyone else expected.  From this, they, as in  days of old, could seek to appease Him who chose them for His own special people and inheritance.  In every revival that we read about in the Old Testament, the people found the book of the Law and realized that their God was not pleased with them, and they offered sacrifices to  Him.  Could the ‘holy place’ which Yeshua referred to in Matthew 24 be constructed as an outcome of such wars, as God acts on behalf of His holy name to make Himself known and to put some things in place for the fulfillment of His great plan of the ages, “that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in Heaven and which are on Earth” ?


Last night around 9:40 (21:40) a grad rocket launched from Gaza hit near our neighborhood in Beer Sheva.  The rocket was the first to hit a major city in Israel since the 2009 war against Hamas, which Israel  launched near the end of 2008 because of eight years of thousands of rocket attacks against cities both near to and farther out from Gaza.  Thankfully the warning siren worked properly and lives were saved, even though houses and cars were damaged.  The Islamic Jihad group took ‘credit’ for the attack; Israel responded with air strikes against launching sites.

This overt provocation comes at a time when the whole Middle East (Near East for the Europeans) and North Africa is a powder keg, with uprisings in several countries, and violence a too-characteristic way of dealing with fear and despair.  Instead of brotherly love, we have civil wars and brotherly hatred.  All of these events could be setting the stage for wars and tribulation as prophesied for the end-times, such as what is written in Isaiah 17, Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38, Matthew 24:3-14, 2Thes 2:3.  Many Muslims from these Gentile nations willl, by the sovereign grace and wisdom of God, be saved by the only Mediator and Savior whom God has given for any person or nation. (1Tim 2:1-7)  They will be truly and radically revolutionized with a new heart and a new spirit from the one true living God, who alone gives and fulfills promises of righteousness and peace and Godly joy!

Who really identifies with his people and nation and homeland?  Who really cares for the well-being of their people — both old and young — and fears and trembles at upheavals within the social order?

Next Tuesday evening, March 1, a major demonstration by a sect of ultra-orthodox Jewish people is planned against the Messianic community of believers in Yeshua in the small Negev town of Arad, situated between Beer Sheva and the Dead Sea.  The police have given permission for 200 (after rejecting the initial request for 400) Hasidei Gur adherents and yeshiva (seminary) students, and Yad L’Achim activists and paid ‘volunteers’, to protest the presence of believers in Jesus in Arad, and this in front of the private home of a widow and foster mother who lives in a cul-de-sac (dead-end street).  The Arad Messianic/Christian community has exhibited much patience and general self-control through nearly seven years of being daily harrassed, cursed, having their peace disturbed even in their homes and public places, while the religious and civil authorties have till now conspired together to protect them. 

The believers are fasting and asking for prayer seeking God for the salvation of many of these precious souls for whom Yeshua died to offer God’s forgiveness of their sin of unbelief in Him, which thing leads to all kinds of sins.  The Hasidei Gur do not even believe that the State of Israel is legitimate because to them the Messiah has not come, and only He can bring redemption, which includes the return of the Jewish people to their own land as promised by YHVH God to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob and their descendants.  Praise the Lord, Messiah has come, and is fulfilling His redemptive plan to save His people and to fulfill all of His promises pertaining both to the Land of Israel, and to the whole Earth!