World Can Not Save Itself – 29 Aug 2013

Syria continues to kill its own, with and without chemical weapons.  The Arab world does not intervene; the western world has lost its moral and political capacity to effectively intervene; the international community expresses itself through the United Nations with words.  Arab/Palestinian Christians continue seek to undermine Israel’s legitimacy — with backing from the rest of the world — even while Israel remains till now the only stable country in the region, but remain silent regarding the slaughter of even many Christians both in Syria and in Egypt.  The United States is steadily losing its power and authority to maintain its own interests around the world, for other leaders and nations see the moral decay and corruption within American society, making it impossible for America to wield its influence as in the past.  Even today President Obama is equivocating and vacillating about his resolve, and that of the Western allies, to attack Syrian positions.  Even should they do so, the objective is not that the evil ruler Assad should be removed from power, which only shows that evil  rulers are legitimate, with rare exceptions; and the alternatives are not necessarily better.  Israel continues to hope that the US will come through, while claiming that she will defend and protect herself, but afraid of what the consequences will be if the US cuts off aid.  Neither the US nor any other nation stands up on Israel’s behalf when she is threatened with retaliation if Syria is attacked.   There are wars and rumors of wars all around the globe, and brutality and cold-blooded heartlessness increasing at a rapid and frightful pace.

Does any one really think that people can save the world?  Do true believers in the Word of God and the truth of Messiah being Yeshua/Jesus really think that we will bring order to this world that Satan is the prince of and that lies under the evil one?   Sinners can not save themselves or others from sinfulness.  Thank God for Jesus and His promise that HE Himself will return in great power and glory at the appointed time to subdue evil and establish God’s righteousness and peace!  This is the peace — the peace which Yeshua gives to the believer — that we have to offer a lost and dying world.  We have a blessed hope that so many desperately need; if they do not see it and hear about it from us, we have nothing either to offer them, just like the “international community” and unbelieving Israel.

The voice crying out in the desert still goes out:  “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near, and be saved from the wrath [of God] to come.”