On Friday, March 30, “two million Arab and international protesters will march toward the borders of Israel and take part in activities designed to highlight Jerusalem’s Arab character on Friday, March 30, the event organizer claims. Ribhi Haloum, general coordinator of the Global March toJerusalem, said in a press statement that volunteers from 80 countries will take part in the march.  Jordan and Lebanon will send protesters to the border, whereas Egypt will organize a solidarity marathon from Cairo Universityto the pyramids in Giza and a large rally at Al-Azhar University.

The organizers emphasized the peaceful nature of the march, which will coincide with Land Day, an annual day of commemoration marked by Arab citizens of Israel to protest land confiscation.”

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Here is a prayer by Pastor Ross Poulton of Sydney, Australia, concerning the incessant assault against the borders of Israel, against the very nation itself:

Strong Borders                     Numbers 21:24                 (22/3/12)
In my reading today, the Lord drew my attention to the fact that Israel under Moses,
could proceed no further, because the boundary of Ammon was too strong.
The Israelis went only as far as the Ammonite BORDER, because the BOUNDARY of the Ammonites was STRONG.
My Prayer for Strong Boundaries
Lord, make the boundaries of Israel, STRONG!
Strengthen them with Your warrior angels, to mount guard along the borders, and in the air above the   land, and on the beaches. 
Make them Strong against Lebanon and Hezbullah and its missiles.
Strong against Syria and its chemical weapons.
Strong against Jordan and Iranian infiltrators.
Strong against Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Strong against Gaza and Hamas and its missiles.
Strong against Palestinian ambitions for statehood, ambitions built on bitterness, deception and terrorism.
Strong against the spirit of theft, that would steal Israel’s God-given land away from it.
Strong against Iran and its nuclear and chemical weapons.
Strong against the delusions of the Mahdi cult.
Strong against the skilful Islamic propaganda.
Strong against the bias and deception of the world media.
Strong against the lie that Israel is an apartheid state.
In Yeshua’s name, we take authority over this and other lies against Israel.
Strong against the super powers, who are blind to the true significance ofIsrael, preoccupied with their   own strategic security, who treatIsraelas an annoyance, becauseIsraelis an annoyance to the Muslims, and who treat Israelas expendable, a SCAPEGOAT.
Strong against the secular humanists within and outsideIsrael, who are totally blinded to the threat of Islam to their own values and way of life.
Strong against the misguided sections of the Church, who naively take on board the media lies against Israel, who blindly adopt the Palestinian cause,and shamelessly rush to conform to the dictates of   political correctness.
Strong against the economic boycott and divestment campaigns against Israel.
Strong against endless false accusations and disapproval.
Strong against the concerted campaign to divide Jerusalem.
Strong against the world-wide campaign to deprive Israel of Judea andSamaria, referred to in the media as the West Bank.
Lord, make the boundaries of Israel STRONG!
Strengthen them with Your warrior angels, to mount guard along the borders, and in the air above the land, and along the beaches.
In Yeshua’s mighty Name!   Amen.
(Numbers 22:31)
Then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes, and he saw the Angel of the Lord
standing in the roadway, with drawn sword in his hand.  Balaam fell face
down on the ground before him.
Hordes of Muslim civilians are advancing on Israel, stirred up by Iran, aiming to breach Israel’s borders on 30th March.
YEHOVAH Tsavaot, mighty Lord of Hosts, just as You stationed Your mighty, intimidating warrior angel on the road, to prevent Balaam from advancing towards Israel to curse it,
so today,
we call on You Lord, to station Your mighty warrior angels along the roads, sea lanes and airways to Israel, to prevent the enemies from entering Israel or Jerusalem, with their curses.
In Yeshua’s Name.   Amen.