Prayers and Vision

We are praying specifically:

 — that the membership would grow into maturity  and be equipped with a mind to serve;  also for the Lord to bring to Beer Sheva mature people who can serve in ministry and leadership.

 — that the teaching would be of practical value and relevant to the lives of the believers.

 — that intercessory prayer would be understood and undertaken, and that we would know how to apply this type of praying .

— for an understanding of praise and worship that would lead to unity and a freedom in praise and worship from amongst the fellowship.

 — for all of us to persevere in good works towards one another and a willingness to receive and minister to others in the fellowship who are in Beer Sheva, even temporarily.

— for families to grow together in love and unity, with Yeshua as their Lord.

— that we continually learn what it is to be under the Lordship of the Holy Spirit that allows liberty with  order and decency.

— to be free from any controlling spirit, and to be led by God’s Holy Spirit, particularly in the worship meeting and in private lives.

— for a release from fear of man, and courage to see our own blind spots in private lives, as well as in the life of the fellowship.

 — that in all areas that we would love each other and express that love, based in Yeshua, in action and

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