Prayer Needs for Israel

1.  Revival in the Body of Messiah:  exaltation of the Lord Jesus; humility of the saints; unity in the Spirit; love for the brethren; boasting in the cross of the Lord; faith to overcome

2.  Peace of Jerusalem that she be a praise in the earth to the glory of God

3.  Preaching of the Glad Tidings to the poor to bring conviction of the grace of God to them in Yeshua for salvation from sin and shame

4.  Repentance and salvation of those in authority

5.  For the truth of Messiah to set free both Jews and Moslems and nominal Christians

6.  For believers to have (be given) a spirit of wisdom and revelation to know God and His eternal purposes centered in Messiah, and our blessings and inheritance in Him to the praise of His glory

7.  Even so, Come, Lord Yeshua!

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