It is a greater work of God to forgive us our sin than to heal our diseases!  It is a greater work of the Holy Spirit to convince us to KNOW that the Lord has forgiven my sin than for me to receive healing!  

Ps 51: 7-15 (5-13 Eng)   Purge me. . .wash me. . .that the bones You have broken may rejoice  

Mk 2: 1-12   Which is easier, to say to the paralytic, ‘Your sins are forgiven you’, or to say, ‘Arise, take up your bed and walk’?  But that you know that the Son of Man has power on Earth to forgive sins. . . .  

Is 6: 9-10; Mt 13: 10-17; Acts 28: 23-29   Jewish people – and by extension unbelieving Christians – willfully shut their ears and close their eyes from believing the truth, and returning to the Lord in faith for [inner] healing – and perhaps even physical healing.  

Look again at Ps 51; 7-15 (Heb):  Truth in the inward parts will enable us to become wise – to know the Lord; to have the mind of Messiah; to know the heart of the Father.  Knowing the love and grace of God will cause even our hurt and broken bodies to rejoice as we bring the members of our body into subjection to the Spirit of God (Rom 6: 7-14)We will rejoice and lead others to return to God for their salvation and cleansing!  

And isn’t this our calling and chief joy, to see others rejoice in God their Savior and glorify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ?!  We are His witnesses in the world and amongst our people, no matter the circumstances we find ourselves, including regarding health.  How good it is to be healthy!  How much greater to so love the Lord, that whether in sickness or in health, we glorify His holy name!

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