Passover and Firstfruits – 6 Apr 2014

Greetings this season when the Body of Messiah/Christ reminds the world that Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah died and rose again!

Even unbelieving Jewish people in Israel and in the diaspora are witnesses to the one true God and His mighty act to deliver them from Egypt, making His name known to the nations as Yehovah, the God of Israel.

Jewish and Gentile believers in Jesus are His witnesses that the Redeemer and Savior has come in the flesh, died at Passover, risen again as the firstfruits from among the dead, was seen by more than 500 after His resurrection, ascended to the right hand of the Father with all authority in Heaven and Earth and to intercede for us, and that He is coming again!  Let the NAME of the Lord be confessed, proclaimed, and exalted, both now and forevermore!

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