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November 29

Today is November 29.  For those who believe that the reestablishment of the Jewish homeland in the land promised to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob and to their descendants is of God, this date is of utmost importance.  For those who oppose this reestablishment of the Jewish homeland in the land  promised to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob and to their descendants is of God, this date is of utmost importance.

On November 29, 1947, the United Nations voted to yet once again confirm legal decisions made previously over the 25 years prior, that the Jewish people were to be legally encouraged to return to their ancient homeland, both to escape anti-Semitism and persecution, and also to build up a viable nation-state.  The UN decision also included the provision for the Arabs of Palestine to also build their own nation in borders delineated for them by the body of world nations.  The Jewish people were agreeable; the Arab nations surrounding the fledgling sovereign nation of the Jewish people rejected the binding resolution, and went to war to prevent Israel from ever being born.

There is a build-up to the 100th anniversary of this historic vote by the body of world nations.  In the wisdom and righteousness of God, He put the return of His people to the land He promised to them into the hands of Gentiles, who had no particular love for the Jews.  They voted in favor!  This same build-up to November 29, 2017, is also generating an unprecedented assault on the very existence and legitimacy of this nation.  YHVH is God not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles (for He is sovereign God Most High over all!).

The  God of Israel is very capable and intent on fulfilling His plan of restoring His kingdom again over Israel, and over all.  Psalms 2 is current events in the back-rooms of power!  Praise the Lord for His long-suffering love towards us, that many might yet be saved from His wrath to come!  He promises good to those who place their trust and hope in Jesus/Yeshua, to whom all will give account.


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