Israeli Jewish Population Increasing More Than Arab – 20 Apr 2014

While the premise of increasing Arab/Palestinian Muslim population growth over and against the Jewish birth and demographics has been used for decades to advance some political policy, current information challenges that assumption.   During  the closing years of  slavery in Egypt, despite being placed under even harsher work conditions and economic stress, among the Children of Israel there was a population explosion. (Exodus 1:8-14).  It seems like history may be repeating itself:  today, the world is applying increasingly harsh measures against Israel in order to discourage the people and to get them to comply with expectations based  both on fear and upon envy; yet in the face of all that, God is at work to increase their number!  The Father loves and wants children!  Lots of them!  To fill His house! 🙂

You can view an interview on Israeli Channel 10 TV with a demographics expert bringing this unexpected and updated information to light (with English subtitles):

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