“Fully 80% of Israeli Jews believe that God exists – the highest figure found by the Guttman-Avi Chai survey since this review of Israeli-Jewish beliefs began two decades ago. The study also found that 70% of respondents believe the Jews are the Chosen People, 65% believe the Torah and mitzvot (religious commandments) are God-given, and 56% believe in life after death. But that doesn’t mean Jews in general are becoming more religious, at least not in an Orthodox Jewish way. Only 37% of Israeli Jews had a problem with fellow Jews not following the biblical commandments, and nearly 70% said they want more entertainment venues to be open on the Shabbat. The numbers, however, coincide with other recent findings that Israelis are increasingly hungry for a deeper spiritual life.” (Haaretz and Israel Today newspapers, and taken from Jerusalem-on-Line)

There is a spiritual emptiness throughout all cultures, being that the Spirit of God is resisted by the peoples and nations of the world.  This vacuum is being filled ( or else left emptied) by other spirits and self-justification, with the consequences of more wars and rumors of wars, lawlessness abounding, and the love of many growing cold .  There is ‘religious’ revival professing God, but denying the power of godliness.

We pray that our light, as believers in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ/Messiah Yeshua, would so shine that those truly hungering and thirsting for righteousness, peace, truth, love will repent of their unbelief in Yeshua, and find the substance of what is good.  This is YHVH God’s covenant with the house of Israel and the House of Jacob:  He will forgive them of their iniquity, and remember their sin no more. (Jer 33:34b Eng; Heb 8:10-12)

RIPE FOR HARVEST – 26 Jan 2012

(quoted from Arni Klein, Klein Fax, 20 Jan 2012)

Most of you will remember the court battle in Beer Sheva between the Messianic believers and the orthodox community.  In the natural,one might say it didn’t turn out well considering all the time, energy, resources, prayer, and heart that was sown during those days.  We generally expect victory to look a certain way.  As we perceived it,that battle was not really about right and wrong or our reputation.   Our hearts’ desire was that the souls imprisoned by a cultish religious structure would be freed.

Over recent months the darkness of the orthodox system has been front-page news.  The cover has been pulled back revealing their intolerance of any one different as being quite ugly and surprisingly violent.  Could it be that we are witnessing an unexpected face of victory?  Rather than this spirit being bound, it is being given more freedom so all might see it as it really is.  Many have long been at the edge of this community unable to take the step out to the freedom their heart longs for.

Beloved, this is a strategic time to focus our prayers on those that are hearing the Lord calling.  May this exposure be the push that gives those that really do love the truth the strength and conviction to make the break.


Tit 1:1-3   truth according to godliness

It is by personal faith in YHVH God and His Word that we are saved and brought into a vital union and fellowship with the Father and the Son.  Natural birth and culture may give privileges and honor, but do not guarantee acceptance.  Many are called but few are chosen.  There are many good things in all religions and cultures; there are many things held in common between them; for there is one true God, who by His Spirit works in the world among all people whom He created in His image.  Yeshua/Jesus alone has the words of eternal life.

Acts 17:1-6; 1Thes 1:9-10  the world turned upside down
This suggests that the new and living way is no mere correction or fine-tuning; nor a re-newed covenant; but rather something new and radical, which turns our world upside down – a very significant thing.

 Mt 16:13-18; 1Jn 2:22  belief that Jesus/Yeshua is the Messiah/Christ, the Son of the living God
The holy and righteous Creator God took on flesh and blood to redeem us human beings (whom He had created in His image and likeness) in order to restore us to Himself through the sacrificial death of the Son of God/Son of Man.

 Jer 31:31-34 (30-33 Heb)  a new covenant; not like the old    “You have heard, but I say. . . .”  

    1Cor 3:16; Col 1:26-27; Jn 14:23; 2Cor 6:16; 1Jn 3:24; 4:12-16; Rev 3:20
        God is in us, not just for us, with us, upon us
It has all to do with loving Jesus 
Christ/Messiah Yeshua and  obeying Him in New Covenant relationship and union.

    Acts 2:16-18  the Holy Spirit given to all believers, not only to Israelis, men, prophets, priests, kings

    Jn 15:4; 1Jn 2:24  in Messiah; in the Son and in the Father; not merely a cultural or a national religious affiliation        This gives us the assurance of faith in the hope of the love of God in promise to us – eternal life.

    Jn 1:12; Gal 4:6-7; 2Cor 6:18; 1Jn 3:1  we are sons and daughters of God, not merely slaves or servants
    Such love!   The world does not acknowledge us as children of God, for it does not know [the true] God.  This was our own condition before we were saved by faith and brought into the truth and the light.

    Mk 7:14-16; Acts 10:9-16; Rom 14:2-3,14,20; Heb 13:9  food and other social barriers broken down
        We are freed to eat with whomsoever – and them with us – wherever God may have us or send us!


    Heb 7:12; 9:8; 10:20; 1Pt 2:4-5  Law changed; priesthood of all believers–male and female–from any and all families, with direct access to the Father, through our High Priest Jesus, by the Holy Spirit
          Requires no special ordination.  NOT A RENEWED COVENANT!

    Heb 7:20 – 8:6; 1Jn 2:25  a better covenant with better promises
        –the priesthood
        –our sins and sinful nature totally forgiven, removed, and forgotten through shed blood of Messiah
        –we are a new creation; one new man
        –resurrection of the body for eternal life
        –all the other things mentioned above

Gal 1:11-12; Rom 10:1-4; 1Cor 1:21; 11:23  the gospel is neither Jewish nor Greek; not of man, but by revelation from God in Messiah; not of religion or of science or of philosophy, e.g., ‘Darwinism’

Gen 25:23b; Mt 20:24-28; Lk 22:26  the greater shall serve the lesser
       –to whom much is given (the birthright and blessing by sovereign will, wisdom, and grace), much is required
         —Is 40:2; Rom 2:9-10  double honor and double judgment
         —Rom 2:17-20; 3:1-2; 9:4; 11:24  for individuals and for nations

Jn 13:12-17; Mt 20:28; Lk 12:37  Yeshua came to serve; He washed the disciples’ feet; He made them breakfast; He will serve us at the great supper; He cares for us each and every day.

                                               God can not deny Himself; He is who He is!