I’ve heard some Christian preachers say they are going to show their sore displeasure to Adam when they see him because he did not obey God in the Garden of Eden and so brought suffering and death into the world for all the rest of mankind. (Rom 5:12-19; 1Cor 15:22)  This attitude does not at all understand that whoever Adam would have been, he would have done the same thing:  God already planned before the creation that the Son of God – the Word become flesh – would come into the world in the fullness of time to redeem every person, for all have sinned. . . .there is none righteous. . . .except for God Himself.  In Adam all die; in Messiah all live.

Adam is the human father of us all:  we are all children of Adam (bnei Adam).  It will help us to know him better so that we can identify with him rather than condemn him.  He is one of the great cloud of witnesses whom God has given us in the Bible to encourage us in our faith and in our works of faith.

YHVH God created Adam as an adult male who was nonetheless at a maturity level of ‘innocence’. (Gen 1:26-27; 2:7-8; Is 7:16)  He didn’t really know a whole lot spiritually, but somehow he could give names to all the animals from the information His Creator put into him;  There was no one else to talk to or to ask questions.  Only God was there to let the man know anything.  Remember that God has subjected the creation to futility (Rom 8:20), and here at the very beginning we see and hear God commanding the man not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, a tree with fruit that was very appealing, lest he die. (Gen 2:9, 15-18; 3:6)

Why not? (in the light of Messiah and God’s full revelation)
      –Our Father in Heaven knows the consequences of sin, and wants to cut it off at the root.
      –To obey God’s voice, to trust Him completely to do His will, is our security and peace in life.
      –God the Father knew that Adam and Eve, in their innocence, would not know what to do with the knowledge of    good and evil (Gen 3:5,22).  Even the devil knows that there is good and evil.  God is good.  Maturity is knowing to discern good and evil, and to choose the good. (Heb 5:14)  This qualifies us to train others in godliness.
   –In disobeying God, Adam proved that he was not in perfect relationship within himself or with God.
Very good is not perfect!
   –In the wisdom of God, man through wisdom can not know God.
   –‘Lead us not unto temptation, but deliver us from evil’:  we can not be confident in our own capacity to stand  victorious in the face of temptation; therefore, we do not pray or ask God to lead us into situations where we would be tempted into sinning, but rather into ways of peace.

Gen 3:6-10   transgression of God’s command (Job 31:33) and consequent guilt, shame, and fear:  separation from fellowship

Was this a lack of proper faith, or simply a lack of comprehension?  What made it sin?

   –Disobedience:  Adam did not understand what it meant when God told him “You will surely die!”, but he did know that God had commanded him not to eat from that tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Sin is not believing and not obeying the Word of YHVH God, the Creator of all.

   –He listened to the voice of his wife (3:17) – who listened to the devil and not to her husband – rather than to God the Creator.

   –As a consequence of Adam’s sin, all are born in sin (we have inherited sin as human beings), and die.  In this willful and knowledgeable disobedience, Adam is not a type of Christ, but of the antichrist! (Rom 5:12-19; 1Jn 3:4; 1Tim 2:14; Hos 6:7)

Knowing good and evil is not wrong or evil; in fact, it is necessary for those created in God’s image and likeness.  Disbelieving and disobeying God is wrong and evil, and disobeying those who have godly authority over us is not good.  If we are deceived, we can be led into transgression.
–It is better to obey than to sacrifice.
–This is a very basic principle that, if learned, produces good fruit in life and society and in personal relationships (Heb 12:7-13)

Gen 3:11-19   confession mixed with self-defense (Job 31:33), self-justification; and the consequences to the serpent, the man and the woman, and to the ground (Gen 5:28-29)
      –Our sins are not private and personal only; they can have devastating and long-lasting effects upon others, especially our families and those over whom we have authority and influence
       –Until we confess our sin/s against God without excuse or rationalization, we are still not fully aware of what sin is, of what holiness is, of what humility is, of what God’s love is, of what perfect is….    

Along with the chastening and the punishment, YHVH God gave the Word of promise, which gave (and still gives) hope and a sanctifying effect upon the life (2Pt 1:3-4)
            –to know God, both His goodness and severity (Rom 11:22)
            –to be correctable, teachable
            –to learn righteousness and to discern good from evil

Gen 3:20; 4:1,2,25; 5:4   Adam called his wife’s name Eve, and they had sons and daughters, even in the face of death and disappointment.
      –Cain, Abel, Seth, other sons and daughters   

Adam and Eve now believed God and the Word of Promise from Him, and acted with faith, hope, and love.

In Christ Jesus — the Seed of the woman and the Son of Man — all humans (sons and daughters of Adam and Eve) have the hope of YHVH’s promise, through the forgiveness of sins, transgressions, and iniquity.

Israel as a nation (and similarly a remnant from every people group on Earth) has been given the same promise and hope of God’s redeeming love in holiness and truth. (Ex 34:5-8; Hos 6:7; Rom 11:25-36)

Do you think it ‘unfair’ that we should all be made to suffer and die because of one man’s sin?  Does this seem harsh?

Is it ‘fair’ that because of one Man’s righteousness all who believe in Him should have their sins forgiven and receive the gift of eternal life?  The goodness of God leads us to repentance (Rom 2:4), to turn from our selfish and sinful ways to Him who loves us with such a love to pay the price for our sin.  He died to deliver the children of Adam and Eve from death and to enable all who believe in Jesus to become sons and daughters of God.

Lk 2:33-35   The second and last Adam (Man) was born destined for the fall and rising of many in Israeland for a sign spoken against.  

Fear YHVH, who alone forgives sin.

ISRAEL’S 60TH – 2 May 2008

The State of Israel is about to celebrate her 60th independence anniversary.  It wasn’t too many months ago that there was much ‘confusion of faces’ in Israel over just how to celebrate such an historic event at a time when the country has clearly lost its vision of why it exists at all.  The nation is really in bondage for not being dependent upon YHVH her God.  Sixty years is a long time.

The Israel of God has not yet been born in a day!  I believe that will occur after still more days than I care to count, until the full remnant of all the tribes (of Israel) sees Him whom they pierced and mourn for Him as for an only begotten son.  In the meantime, YHVH God is keeping His covenant promises by GRACE to take away all unrighteousness from JACOB, so that all ISRAEL will be saved.  This, too, is prophesied to take place only after the fullness of the GENTILES comes into the BODY OF MESSIAH, or the CHURCH.  Yeshua Himself says that unless He returns, no one will be left alive on the Earth.  Just as in Egypt prior to the world-renowned Passover and Exodus, it will be a FELT desperation which will bring out the true cry, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of YHVH!’, which we who believe should know only Yeshua will answer such a call in THAT name.  His Word sounds much different from many other words going out today concerning the timing and nature and results of an expected revival.

Even though thousands of Israeli Jews believed in Yeshua, both while He walked the Land of Israel and during the early years of the church following the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, yet God reckoned that the NATION He chose for His inheritance rejected His Son whom He had sent.  Even so today, despite that thousands of Israeli citizens believe in Yeshua/Jesus/Isua as Lord and Christ, yet the NATION is still unrepentant and actively opposing the Holy Spirit of God.

God has given Israel as an example to the Church.  The natural comes first, then the spiritual.  What believers in Jesus can see in Israel and the Jewish people is a pretty good reflection of what is taking place within the Body of Christ and Christians.  Israel has virtually lost its vision of returning to the Promised Land according to promise.  The founding fathers of the modern State of Israel didn’t so much believe in the God of the promises, yet because of His binding this Land with this People, there was and is an affinity that makes it ‘home on Earth’ like no other country or people have.  Sixty years is a long time.  “The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and still we are not saved”. (Jer 8:20)  When the vision fails, hope comes to an end, and people will start to take matters into their own hands.  Every one does what is right in his own eyes, and there is much evil in the land.  Scoffers begin to scoff,  ‘Every thing is as it always has been; where are the signs of His coming; that this is all true; that this is of God; that God is able to do what He has promised; that God even knows what is going to happen!?”

Israel’s lack of faith in the words of YHVH God’s own prophets to them bring them to trust in what is no longer trustworthy and to make plans of their own to solve the impossible — while still proclaiming their unique calling.  Christians who encourage Israel to give up everything display their own lack of faith in the sure word of prophecy which will perform all that it has been sent out to do.  Christians who insist that Israel give up nothing fail to appreciate the righteous paths of our Great and Good Shepherd, who will not remove the cross as a cause of stumbling for His sheep, nor remove His judgments from those who insist on another way to gain victory.  Sixty years is a long time in the face of so much ‘reality’ and the long-suffering of our God, who is not slack concerning His promises, but He works to bring as many as possible to repentance unto life, from whatever side of the tracks we were born or live.

As in Israel, so in the Church:  the Holy Spirit expressly says that in the last days a great falling away would take place and great deception fall upon those professing Messiah.  Many are losing faith and hope in the soon coming of the Lord, and are apparently feeling that it is up to believers to make the most of a bad situation and to take this increasingly desolate world and rule over it without Jesus Himself coming back to regenerate the world that He made.  Isn’t that what the devil offered Jesus in the desert after His baptism?  Can our answer be any different than our Lord’s?!  Israel’s call to be a light in the world is not to be found fulfilled in business or in high-tech weaponry.  The Bride’s destiny to rule and reign with Messiah is not without Him ruling over Israel and the nations.

Israel’s 60th independence celebration is a time to rejoice in the Lord for His sovereignty to consummate all things according to His purpose.  Israel is the Noah’s Ark of our time:  judgment is coming soon from the Holy God, and a remnant delivered by the mercies of this same God who will establish His throne forevermore.  God has given us His calendar of redemption to help us be ready for the things to come, and to keep faith in Him who is faithful to all who love Him for loving us.  We are His witnesses and evangelists to Israel and to the nations.