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(This was an interview used to gain a better understanding of the Messianic congregations in Israel.  Some of the specific details, such as number of those in our own congregation and the demographics, have changed since that time.)

Formal Information:

Name of Congregation:  Nachalat Yeshua Messianic Congregation – Beer Sheva Meeting Place:  “Old House” (built in 1903; owned by Christian & Missionary Alliance since 1913) City:  Beer Sheva Congregational History and Background:

1. When was the congregation established?   1972

2.  … Continue reading

Unity Through Love – 26 May 2004

Jn 17: 11-26

The Scroll of Ruth is read in the synagogues this holiday.  It is a story of love and mercy:  of someone “outside” – even poor and a stranger (זר) – who was brought “inside”.  She was chosen, but she also chose:  to belong to the treasured people of YHVH God, and to place all her future and hopes in their God.  About 1970 years ago, more than 3000 persons who were separated from God because of their … Continue reading