WHOSE LAND IS IT? – 20 Nov 2001

(Panel discussion at Israel College of the Bible)

*The Land and the Earth belong to YHVH.  Even the entire universe (creation) is YHVH God’s, both by creation and more so by redemption.  Yeshua – through His death and resurrection on the cross — has paid the price in His blood to reacquire (redeem) for God what Man and Israel have lost through unfaithful stewardship, as evidenced by unbelief and disobedience, and the resultant loss of peace and joy.

1 Cor. 10:11    . . .and [the Scriptures] were written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the ages have come.

One’s attitude and belief regarding the millenial Kingdom of God (Mt. 6:9-10; Zech. 14:16; Rev. 20:1-10) will influence one’s position not only on the ownership of the Land, but also on the claim of inheritance to it and God’s purposes.  Every jot and tittle of the Law is to be fulfilled in and through Messiah Jesus (Mt. 5:17-18), and all the promises of God are ‘ yea and amen’ in Messiah Yeshua  (Rom. 9:4; 2 Cor.1:20).  This is for all people and lands, for good or for bad (Is. 19:24-25; 51:3; Ezek. 28:25-26).  Israel, as a nation, gives significance to every other nation, people, and tribe in their aspirations and struggles for their destiny, but it is the Most High who sets the boundaries (Deut. 32:8; Acts 17:26-27).  At stake is the character and Name of the one true God: YEHOVAH, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob; the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Though it may take “forever”, the LORD is faithful and capable of fulfilling all things of which He has spoken.  The coming of the Lord draws near.  Hallelu-Yah!  The battle is both spiritual and carnal, and the Victor is Yeshua the Nazarene, King of the Jews.

[An example:  As a believer – as one of God’s chosen and elect – I am owned by (have been purchased by) the Lord Yeshua.  However, I may bring myself under the influence or control of demonic spirits, yet I can not be possessed by them, because I, thank God, belong to Yeshua.  The LORD of Hosts is my Father.  I am His and He is mine.  So with the Land of Promise and the children of Israel, those of Jacob who turn from ungodliness and prevail against God and man by the mercy and grace of God. (Num. 23:21)]

Gen 22:16; 26:3; Mic 7:20; Ezek 47:14; Lk 1:73; Heb 6:17    promise and oath, with conditions, but also grace

Deut 32:36,43; Lev 26:40-45; Deut 30:1-6; Ezek 36-37    promise to return the people to the land of Israel after exile, and in unbelief      Question:  Did this necessitate a modern independent political state?

2Sam 8; 1Kings 8:65    Kings David and Solomon reigned over most of the promised borders
    –exact borders not ascertained with certainty, and Israel has never dwelled safe and secure throughout
    –present borders far less than those promised by the covenant (Gen 10:19; 15:18-21; Ezek 47:13-20)
    –the borders include Assyria, Israel, and Egypt:  Abraham’s journey, and lands given to his seed
    —Ezek 47:13-23    millenial borders after the Lord Yeshua’s return
          –includes the stranger as inheritors
          —Ezek 48:35    YHVH is there!
          —Ezek 34:25-31; Hos 2:18    a covenant of peace by the LORD God for the people in the land with the animals
          —Is 2:4    no more war!  

Zech 14:2; Dan 11:33; Rev 12:6-17    Jews chased out of Jerusalem and the land by the anti-christ (no contradiction with Amos 9:15)
    —Zech 12:10    Yeshua reveals Himself to the remnant
    —Dan 11:35; Zech 14:7; Mt 24:36; Rev 9:15; the ‘Feasts’ of the LORD    Appointed times for God’s interventions and redemptive acts

Is 57:21; Ezek 35-36:5; Dan 11:39; 9:26; Joel 3:2; Ps 2; 110:1    no peace for the wicked – for the enemies of the LORD, of God’s anointed and appointed Son, of Israel, of the gospel
         –God will judge those who divide His land.     Question:  Does this allow for a Palestinian state?
            —Gen 27:39-40; Mal 1:1-5; Rom 9:10-13    no blessing of God’s presence or of fruitfulness in land for Esau (Edom)

Zech 10:3-8    House of Judah is the instrument of battle of the Great Shepherd, the LORD God of Hosts
    –Islam, non-Zionist Judaism, historic Christianity have all been party to interpreting history and the Bible so as to make void much of the Word and the faithfulness of the Holy God (ctr. Moses and Paul’s attitudes – Ex. 32; Rom. 9)

Ezek 36: 20-21    we have profaned the Name of the LORD our God, but He is concerned regarding His Holy Name                                     

Ezek 36:37; Mt 23:37-39; Rev 22:20; Is 55:8-9    God will do what He has to do –for His Holy Name’s sake – according to His own Word, by His Spirit to bring His people back to Himself through the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and to bring every knee to bow and every tongue confess that Yeshua HaMahiach is LORD to the glory of the Father.  What will be our attitude and response if He does things differently than we think or prefer?

Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. . . for Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever!  Amen.